Mural Art

Haider Ali is an international artist hailing from Karachi, Pakistan. In July of 2019, Haider visited Abingdon to paint a mural on the food truck. Sipping chai at all times, Haider painted freehand and started with a simple outline prior to incorporating the trademark vibrant colors and designs. In Pakistan, all lorries (shipping trucks) are painted in this fashion. Dubbed "Jingle Trucks," drivers take pride in their beloved folk art on wheels. The mural features a variety of Appalachian staples in true Pakistani style. On the driver side, an Indigo Bunting, a Cardinal (the state bird of Virginia), and a Red-tailed Hawk make an appearance in the work alongside the Appalachian Mountains. The window side highlights garden vegetables and a giant turkey.

Show the Pakalachian team a posted selfie with the mural and you might just get something in return!